Call of Duty WWII – (Team) End of Season Awards!

As Evil Geniuses have won COD Champs, we see yet another year of competitive Call of Duty come to an end… That being said, we will hand out our rewards for the 2018 season! Take a look:


Team of the Year: Evil Geniuses

I think that this award cannot be handed out to anybody but the one team that won COD Champs 2018. EG fought their way to the title and deserve the title of Team of the Year. Congrats!

Most Dominant: Rise Nation

As 3-time open champions in 2018, there is no denying the dominance of the Rise Nation. They have perhaps one of the most talented rosters we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they let up at the end of the season, yet they were still so dominant this year. Very impressive without a doubt.

Most Impressive: Unilad

This award was tough to give out. There were so many great candidates such as: Red Reserve, Lightning Pandas, EUnited. However, Unilad finding the Stage 2 success that they did was phenomenal. Losing Skrapz, it was expected that this team would bust. However, his brother Wuskin stepped up to be an elite stage 2 player and the newer faces like Zed and Alexx came out swinging! I definitely least expected Unilad to do as well as they did.

Bust of the Year: OpTiC Gaming

I mean it is simply hard to deny this. Optic, for the first time in a long time, went the entire season without a Championship victory. They also underwent a roster change and we saw no-so-elite performances from legends like Scump and Crimsix. It is hard to say that Optic was not the biggest bust, despite their still good spot in the Stage 2 standings.


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