Fortnite – Pro Player Rankings (Week 5)


      1. NOTVIVID

I still think that he has shown himself to be the best player. He will remain that until otherwise.


Remaining in the same ranking as last week, I still think that POACH is our #2. He beat out TFue for a victory royale in scrims this week and has shown to me that he belongs at #2.


As the rankings are appearing the same as last week, Tfue comes in at #3. He has looked very good in scrims as well as a stellar Friday Summer Skirmish performance this past week. There is no way that he takes a reduction in the rankings, however I don’t think that POACH let up enough for Tfue to surpass.


Like I said last week, Tfue and Cloak are very close in my eyes. No separation happened since last week so Cloak remains right behind Tfue. FaZe Clan still up in the ranks!

      5. LIQUID CHAP

What can I say, the man is consistent. Consistency will have you up in the ranks and after Chap showed face again in the Summer Skirmish, he gets that Top 5 ranking this week. Team Liquid also looking very good still.


Oh what? You have EU in the ranks?! YES I DO. It is about time I showed respect to the guys overseas. Though some learning is still to be done with the EU Fortnite scene, I believe FNATIC Eryc to be #6 in the rankings. Whenever I have seen him play, he has looked at the Top EU player to me.


The Ghost guys… You know I love them. They are very good and very consistent. Though DMO is looking very good (#1 in the Skirmish this past weekend), I still feel as Bizzle is Ghost’s #1.


Well, if I am going to say how good DMO has been, I can’t leave him far behind Bizzle. DMO, welcome to the Top 10. He overtakes Saf has Ghost’s #2 for now. As seen above, DMO very impressively was #1 in the Summer Skirmish this past weekend alongside King Richard.


More EU players in the ranks! Kinstarr looked very good dating back to the Pro-Am. Since, he has only improved. Due to viewer suggestion on reddit, I will punch him in as the #9 – Let me know what you guys think.

     10. LG KREO

On a rising Luminosity team, Kreo is easily their best player in my eyes. Kreo, the man from Hong Kong, is probably the best Asian player and he is definitely in as #10. Look for him to only climb the rankings in coming weeks!


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