Call of Duty Champs Day 3 – WHAT JUST HAPPENED


Day 3 of Champs was wild. Completely wild. Let’s look at a few notes:

  • EUnited 3-0 Red Reserve to Advance to Winners Round 2
  • Elevate Upset Luminosity 3-0 to Advance to Winners Round 2
  • Rise Nation Win 1 Map All Day, Falling to Team Kaliber and Luminosity to be ELIMINATED from Champs

So lets dive a bit deeper into today. First off, we have to discuss Rise vs LG. Watching this game, it felt like Finals the whole time.

Rise Nation went up 2-0 with a commanding lead in the series going into CTF. That is when it all turned around. Luminosity began to pop off. They won CTF and then a slim Hardpoint as time expired on the clock. That’s where we became blessed with a Game 5.

Rise Nation vs Luminosity, Game 5 in Losers Round 1 to send a team home. These are teams that combined for 4 Open Championships in 2018. One of them was ready to pack their bags and enjoy their weekend away from Columbus.

Game 5 began and we saw John run away with trio kills in Game 1, followed by Trio kills for Slacked in Game 2 and trios for Formal and Gunless in Game 3. You knew it was going to be great.


Everything connected for LG in this game. We saw them in Championship shape and this lead to them taking a 6-3 SnD win to send home Rise.

Now look, Rise did not have an easy draw. In fact, their section of Winners was forcing them to face the only two other 2018 Open Champions if not Team Elevate. That being said, when you are Rise and you own one of the best rosters we’ve ever seen, you cannot fall a combined 1-6 in map counts to be eliminated. It was just so unfortunate for Rise.

*Queue the Gunless to Optic rumors*

One thing I also want to talk about is Lightning Pandas. This was a team that was upset to miss Stage 2 of the Pro League. Now they are here at Champs and undefeated in their venture. I love this team going forward. Goonjar, Royalty, Xotic, Theory is a low-key great roster. I would not underestimate their fire power, especially with momentum they can gain with a winnable winners bracket (vs EG, if they win, vs Envy/Ghost). They’ve thrived in the National Circuit and have been chomping at the bit for some real competition.

My Favorites Going Forward:

  • Lightning Pandas

All you have to do is read above. I love this LP team and they are a force to be reckoned with.

  • EUnited

This is a team that has caught a lot of heat for inconsistency. However, ever since they got Top 2 at Seattle, it seems as EUnited has cliqued. They went 10-4 for 2nd place in Division B and now find themselves in Winners Round 2 with a nice 11-4 map count for Champs. This is a team that could pop off at any time.

  • Team Kaliber

Though faring poorly in Group Play, they managed to get out of Group A. Since, they showed themselves once again versus Rise, taking a 3-1 map count and have simply proved themselves to still be a force in WWII with the newer roster. The hardest possible path for tK to get to the Winners Final is: Elevate, EUnited, LP/EG. I like that draw. The Stage 2 Champs that tK are, they are my current favorites to win Champs.


Overall, Champs has proved to be INSANE so far. I’m so ready to see what happens over the weekend. We are bound for some craziness so tune in!


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