Call of Duty Champs – Knockout Stage – Preview, Predictions, & More!


(CODWorldLeague – Twitter)


The Knockout Stage of Call of Duty Champs is set! A few quick notes:

  • Optic Gaming missed out on the Knockout Stage after being swept 3-0 by Evil Geniuses
  • Echo Fox missed out on the Knockout Stage, topped by Team Vitality and Luminosity
  • Team Sween was the 2nd team to clinch a spot in the Knockout Stage, going 3-0 in Group D (def. EUnited, Splyce, EZG)
  • Tainted Minds, Epsilon, Mindfreak, Splyce among the 6 (of 16) Pro League teams to miss out on the Knockout Stage – Bad Day for EU/AUS!

It is without doubt that the events of Optic Gaming was the biggest story of the day!

Though holding a 2-0 record going into their final match of Group Play, Optic fell 3-0 to EG. The only way that Optic could miss advancement to the KO round was, simply, to lose 3-0 to EG and see Elevate defeat Supremacy at the same time. Crazy enough, this happened. Sorry Optic fans..

I do think that the current new roster is good so I am very curious to see if roster changes happen for Black Ops 4.


As for the Knockout Stage at Champs, here are my favorite Friday matchups:

  • Team Sween vs Ghost Gaming

I honestly did not watch any of the Team Sween matches, but the fact that they went 3-0 in a pretty good group is very impressive! As Ghost Gaming is arguably the best Non-Pro League team, I would love to see if Team Sween comes out firing and continuing their undefeated status.

  • Red Reserve vs EUnited

Right here we have who I may suggest were the hottest two teams of Stage 2.

Red Reserve was the #1 Regular Season Team (11-3); EUnited was the #3 Regular Season Team (10-4) if you were to combine Division A/B.

I am very excited to see how this match goes. With two such good teams going at it right off the bat, I think that the winner could advance in the Winners Bracket with tremendous momentum. Anytime you defeat a top caliber team to start your day, you are for sure going to carry a ton of confidence and momentum going forward!

Also, I would love to see Skrapz vs Wuskin in the 2nd round! (though I’m secretly rooting for Censor…)

  • Rise Nation vs Team Kaliber

I think we all ought to thank Lightning Pandas for giving us this matchup!

After TK came in second in Group A (and almost lost to Heretics to leave Champs altogether), we suddenly became blessed with a rematch of Stage 2 Finals in the first round! I mean I could go on to explain why I love this matchup so much, but if you know Call of Duty, this shouldn’t need explaining.

For those of you that really don’t know… Team Kaliber are the Stage 2 Champions. Rise Nation is like the Golden State Warriors of Call of Duty.  This is like LeBron vs KD in the 1st round of the Western Conference Playoffs. I can’t wait!


Bold Predictions for Day 3:

  • Team Sween will UPSET Ghost Gaming

As I said earlier, it seems as if Team Sween has come here to PLAY. I want to see them continue this success versus Ghost.

  • CompLexity will DEFEAT Unilad in a Game 5 SnD

If CoL plays well, there is no reason they can’t beat Unilad. They’ve started their Hardpoint’s very well. They also are a very good SnD team when they want to be. If they show up, I like CoL.


There is not all that much to preview for Friday given the short amount of matches, but it is due to be a fun one! What do you think will happen tomorrow at Champs?!


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