3 New Concept Locations to Add to the Fortnite Map! (Northwest Section)

The Northwest sector of the map is boring. Let’s be real… It is…

Junk and Haunted do actually have decent loot, but it’s so removed and quite frankly, nobody is going to glide all the way over there and go anywhere but Pleasant Park. We need to fix this and here are my proposals *Enter Shark Tank Music*

Fishing Docks
Granted the fact that Viking Ship/Valhalla is sort of like a docks setting in itself, this may not happen, but I still like the idea. I recently saw a picture of Loot Lake turned docks and it looked awesome! I think if you enhance loot with a bigger map city/section, it will reinvent the Haunted Hills/Junk Junction section of the map. There are two rift spots in that area (At World Cup Soccer spot & East of Pleasant) so you can definitely rotate into the storm if need be.



Back in Season 4, there were multiple rumors out there suggesting that Jail would become a University. Obviously, this rumor was not true as we got Paradise Palms with the whole desert and all – Which has been great! That being said, I still think that the rumor could prove that it will happen somewhere at some point.

The jail was a low-key beloved place in the map. I think with the addition of a University Campus, we can get a similarly laid out location to jail with good amounts of loot! To add this to the Northwest section of the map wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. If something were to go there, this would be a favorite option of mine.


Wild West
There is much talk that those cracks in the sky are going to open, and that could result to increased time travel spawns (as we saw the one with Viking). One new location could be the Wild West in result.
This idea basically reverts back to those rumors we heard in Season 4.

I think that this concept could be interesting and different. It could include the motel turning into a saloon and cover that whole grass patch section, thus being able to keep Junk and Haunted in place.


What do you guys think should/could be added?

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