Fortnite – New Concepts/ Ideas (In-Game Stats?!)

Hey guys! Happy Hump-Day!! I have something a little fun planned today: New Concepts and Ideas for Epic Games to add to the game.

1. In-Lobby Stat Sheets

I’ve been lobbying for this idea for awhile now. I think that it would be an amazing idea to add in-game stats. Seeing leaderboards for kill counts, distance run, and damage dealt would be super cool! Especially to compare with your friends and what not.


2. Increased XP for Distance Run

This idea can promote lands on the edge of the map. I really think Snobby Shores, Junk Junction, and Flush Factory needs more action and this would promote that.


3. Super Bounce Pads or Increased Bounce


Imagine for every stack of bounce pads you collect, you get one SUPER bounce pad. I think that would be dopeee. Bounce pads are like the new hop rocks in the game, but I hate how you can’t bounce too far unless you build up.

Also – I would LOVE if your “moon jump” effect off a bounce pad lasted the entire bounce. I hate how it dies off an you just fall.

Fortnite – Skins for Guns? Color Customization for Skins?

What do you guys think of these concepts? Let me also hear your ideas! The ideas are endless…



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